So, here’s summertime. It has arrived. This is a particularly exciting time as I find myself in the midst of summer jobs and internships that allow me to work in a garden, learn about data analysis, and experience another way of doing community work. On the periphery of my positions, here are some of my hopes for this season:

  1. Become more aware of community events in Winston-Salem and Greensboro (festivals, concerts, etc.) and actually attend them!
  2. Make my own cookbook with entries from friends and family. It will be my own “food scrapbook” chronicling stories and photos alongside the recipe itself.
  3. Learn enough about gardening to plan my own vegetable garden for next year.
  4. Re-work my resume and think about what sorts of jobs to apply as my final year of Divinity School approaches.
  5. Road trip with Oliver (the dog) and visit friends and family in Oklahoma.
  6. Explore parks and greenways in Winston-Salem. I’m hoping to get back into biking this summer.
  7. Read 15+ books. (Somehow my reading list keeps growing…)
  8. Train for a 10k, and run one in the Fall.
  9. Spend some time brushing up on nerdy ancient languages and try my hand at another one.
  10. Overcome my sheer terror regarding public speaking… This one is by far the most terrifying and daunting of the entire list.

I’m looking forward to the summer and attempting (and hopefully accomplishing) the items on this list!